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Who We Are

Mission Statement:  

In partnership with families, the faculty and staff of DVES will empower and inspire

Deer Valley Elementary

children to become confident life-long learners who will positively impact the world.


Seeking to positively impact the world every day.


To be a school where every teacher wants to teach, every student wants to learn, and every parent wants to send their child. 

Core Values: 

 Kindness - We choose to treat others with respect and dignity. We will seek ways to lift up all of those around us and encourage everyone to feel a part of our school community.

Responsibility-   We are in control of our own behavior.  We will seek to follow the guidelines of the seven habits.   We seek ways to improve, and we believe that it is through practice that we get better at anything we take on.

Compassion - We will actively and courageously take care of each other. When we see a person in need, we step in to help; not because we want others to notice, but because it's the right thing to do.

Respect-   We understand that each individual at our school has great, innate value. We honor all adults in the building as our teachers and all peers as our friends. We seek first to understand and then to be understood.

Perseverance-   We are passionate about reaching our goals, even if they are huge. We courageously face obstacles head-on and keep working with enthusiasm no matter what.

Integrity-   We are a community of learners who will do what is right and stand up for our beliefs both inside and outside of school. We will courageously treat others the way we want to be treated.

What We Believe

  • All children can learn. 
  • Self-esteem is fostered in children through respect, encouragement, and a spirit of community and cooperation.
  • A school should provide a loving, nurturing, safe environment where learning is celebrated. 
  • A school should help children become independent, confident, self-directed learners and encourage curiosity and risk-taking. 
  • Each student is a valued individual with special talents, abilities, and needs that should be met with a variety of individualized programs that are challenging, engaging, and meaningful. 
  • A school should instill an appreciation and respect for all individuals through character development and good citizenship. 
  • An open line of communication between students, parents, & the school is vital to each child's education